Drones Taking Over?

http://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/news/640/media/images/71826000/jpg/_71826052_45152482.jpgDrones are currently becoming a big topic for innovators, for the idea of unmanned aircrafts  provide limitless opportunities within the upcoming years. Possibilities which can range from transportation devices, police surveillance, recreational use, construction purposes, military operations and even for movies.  The list doesn’t end. In addition, to the many uses that drones can provide, the FAA which regulates all airspace objects has created new legislation which will help promote the use of these drones.

Companies like Alphabet (Google’s Parent) has gotten White House approval to begin testing a fleet of drones called Project Wings that may use drones as transportation devices. Google got approval to begin testing their drone fleet in the U.K. These two companies are playing a major stepping stone for drones being used as delivery vehicles. If they can put them into effect, many companies that require huge fleets for mass transit will look to drones as a potential cheaper and faster mean of delivering products from point “a” to point “b”.

Other fields like the military uses drones for another reason. Many drones are used for tactical means for the purpose to save lives. Drones are now being used to launch bombing or missile strikes in order to require less man power to weaken and or defeat our opponents. Look at the U.S for example, who uses drone strikes against ISIS so they can keep troops out and keep involvement of U.S troops to the minimal amounts. Not only are they used to attack, but also for defense. Technology has developed  drones to detect and destroy mines in mine fields. These drones are used to ensure our military or any people who live near mines don’t end up dying because of an exploding mine. Even with militaristic drones already breaking new limits, our evolving world will still need more advanced and technologically intelligent robots to aid further in their uses.

Additionally, numerous drones are equipped with some form of camera for surveillance or photographic need. This feature is widely used for different reasons. The regular consumer buyer may use this camera feature for a school film, a cool shot, or for work purposes. These needs are fulfilled with a basic camera and flight features that allows the drone to fly to its destination and record its owners desired wishes. Secondly, Movies are beginning to film more shots with drones because they are a much smaller piece of device that can reach and or move to places easier than a set camera which often require numerous cables, man power and often guiding rails. These benefits help to reduce costs, speed up filming and provide a new world of angles that were almost impossible to do. However, as much as consumers may take advantage of this feature for fun, police and military are using this simple piece of technology (video cameras on drones) to spot danger from a distance. The military can operates spy missions or surveillance on enemy territory to gain intelligence. Police can use it for a similar reason which is to gain an extra eye in the sky to see the full picture of the situation. The camera feature can bring about fun and joy to people while being used to aid the military and police gain an edge on situations they encounter before risking manpower.

Overall, the needs and use of drones are rapidly growing by the year to meet a growing demand and use by people. One day, with the growth of needs and uses of drone, they will become the technology that revolutionizes our world.



Liam Siegal

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