Messaging’s never-ending expansion

alloIn late September of 2016, Google officially unveiled its latest product to add to their arsenal.  It’s their messaging app entitled “Allo”.

To separate themselves from the rest of the pack, Google infused artificial intelligence into Allo to chat and make plans.  When combined with the never-ending list of products from Google (Google Hangouts, docs, slides, sites, classroom, etc), it is intriguing to think about the possibilities when combining all of these applications together.  However, that might not be as simple as it seems.  When compared to the iMessage capabilities of Apple, WhatsApp’s solidness from Facebook, and Facebook’s main messaging app, Messenger, where exactly does Allo stand?

Google announced the app in May of this year, aiming to further their use of artificial intelligence.  Brian X. Chen said that Allo was like “an office intern who is lurking in the background, eager to chime in” (  When giving examples just as to how Allo expects to help, one can’t help but draw similar comparisons so the new iOS 10 update available for Apple devices.  Chen states that the assistant “analyzes messages you have typed or dictated and, when appropriate, springs into action with automatically generated phrases you can choose to reply with or suggestions” (  This is very similar to how iMessage suggests the use of emojis or prompts other phrases once your message is typed out.  Additionally, Allo is only available on mobile (for the time being), meaning those who prioritize their computer for an all-in-one experience will not be too keen on this limitation.

If you’re interested in seeing what Allo is all about and maybe even try it for yourself, you can click here to head over to google’s website.

One thought on “Messaging’s never-ending expansion”

  1. Interesting to see how Allo compares with Slack and Hangouts. I personally find Facebook’s Messenger and Apple’s iMessage frustratingly limited in control over uploads and typesetting.


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