Will Robots Replace Your Job?


Factory workers in the early 1900’s feared their jobs would be replaced when Ford invented the assembly line, and a lot of them did. Many factory jobs are now becoming obsolete. Few people work in factories except for the people who fix the machines and the drivers who transport the finished goods. But now that machines are becoming more and more advanced and Google is developing a self-driving car, will those jobs exist in 50 years?

Lots of other jobs are being replaced by machines all over the world, such as the ATM you get your money from, vending machines, or the machine answering customer calls for a big company. Robots are now being used in hospitals to transport goods and run errands. Nurses and staff now working in hospitals with the TUG robots report that they now have more time to work with patients and that having more time results in better patient care.

How can robots replace people if they can’t act exactly like people? As of now at least robots are made to follow a specific set of instructions. They can’t recognize facial expressions, detect sarcasm, or be creative. Will people want to watch robots act in plays and movies or have machines clean their teeth? Many people are opposed to change and wouldn’t want to support a robot-based future. Will big companies like Honda and Google still want to make robots accessible to everyone if they think there is a market that wont buy them?

It’s safe to say that for now your job is probably safe. However, looking several years into the future, some might gain popularity among robots and machines. When thinking about what you might want to do for the rest of your life, consider looking into something technology related if you want a steady income.

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