How Safe is Our Data?

Now a days, most of our data, personal information, and history has some form of trail that has been left on the internet. This trail can leave information exposed to unwanted visitors to venture into our data networks. As the internet grows, so does the danger of being hacked.

Currently about 14bn objects are already connected to the internet and it is expected that it will expand to over 100bn by 2020.  This means a huge amount of information that can found on the web by many people. As people’s jobs and business evolve, they become more connected to the internet hub and reliant on different servers and hosts to store and manage their data. With more data servers this means that there are more hackers trying to gain access to that information which is why it’s not only important to expand the hub, but protect it. The protection is important due to these servers now hosting so many companies that if one goes down, it can cost companies money, views, and a potential breach in information.

The sad thing is that although our use of these servers has grown and now the internet is part of life, the government’s defenses and public servers aren’t keeping up with the threats. Many public servers don’t offer protection for numerous reason. One being that they would have to pay for firewalls and other defenses and potentially limit sites that people can visit if considered a threat. Because of this lack of public and private companies willing to protect the internet for individual people they provide for, it comes down to each person, company and hub to protect themselves. Hubs that store a ton of information which can often be personal information use numerous of protection tactics. Often times they will have a few tech people looking for threats and who protect their hub. This is done through encryptions to prevent others from looking in or by using defensive mechanisms to sense, detect and destroy any viruses and intruders that may be lurking around.  Private companies in addition do a similar thing to ensure the safety of their business. As for a person’s private computer, firewalls and virus searching/blocking software are your best bet to go and that is available to help protect your computer. Encryptions are also a safe way to send information.

The reason why many public services aren’t great is because unlike the private sector which is keeping up with technology, the public sectors are falling behind. The government’s military may be 30 years ahead, but government offices include the white house has technology dating at least 25 years old. This means that these less advanced technologies are easier to hack and could be a reason why the U.S has been hacked so many times within the last few years. With the budget they have, it definitely seems they forgot one crucial aspect which is to keep up to date with technology.

Overall, it comes down to each person, business, and or server to protect themselves from cyber attacks. The government being far behind offers little protective aid besides maybe being able to point finger. This symbolizes the importance that technology, encryptions, and other defense mechanisms are so important to the infrusture of our lives. For these systems are what keep our data and personal information safe.





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