Your Phone Can Help You Get Fit

If someone wants to change their physique, all one needs is a smartphone.  Whether it be counting calories, counting macronutrients, tracking runs/walks, or providing different exercised one can do, it’s all available at your fingertips.

Many applications have become very popular and have even promoted and led to an increase in the general health of its’ users.  These apps include “7 Minute Workout Challenge”, “MyFitnessPal”, “Nike+”, “Fitbit”, just to name a few.  Oftentimes, these apps will use different aspects provided by your smartphone, such as GPS coordinates, or will connect to an external device, as is the case with Fitbit.  The latest additions to the plethora of options are entitled “Endomundo”, “C25K”, “Official 7 Minute Workout”, and “RockMyRun”.

Endomundo is an all-in-one cardio-based option for those looking for elapsed time, distance covered, and calories burned. With one swipe, you can look at a GPS-based map to see where you have already been.  The app also allows you to connect with friends in order to challenge them to exercise with you.

C25K is designed for a different crowd.  Unlike Endomundo, C25K is targeted to those who prefer to spend their days on the couch instead of spending hours outdoors and exploring. The idea behind the app is with its’ help and about eight weeks of effort, the user will be able to run a 5K (about 3.11 miles).  A prominent feature of the app is its day-to-day functionality that shows realistic goals which steadily increase until the user is instructed to complete the 5K.

Official 7 Minute Workout provides a workout option for those who do not have the time or ability to hustle to the gym for a training session.  With examples, pictures, and videos, graphics guide you through simple workouts that may include jumping jacks or squats, available to be done anywhere in just a few short minutes.

RockMyRun is a different kind of exercise app.  In contrast to the previous three options I’ve discussed, RockMyRun is a music app which starts by asking you what type of music you like.  Once selected, you select how you want to feel, and what activity you are about to do.  The app then builds a playlist based on your parameters and begins to play.  The playlist is completely customizable with the ability to change tempo manually or  allow your phone to measure your pace and match with a suitable beats-per-minute counterpart.

Hopefully, these apps sound appealing and maybe you will check them out.  They are all free, all available for both iOS and Android, and all great resources for those looking to spice up their health.

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