Cyber Security ID and Authentication

Hi all! David here. I hope everyone has had a great start to the year. I know mine has been wonderful, as I have been working alongside Mr. Ashley, learning and discussing issues pertaining to the world of computing security and information assurance.

Computer security (or cyber security, info security, digital security, they all mean the same thing). It’s a broad topic which contains dozens of components and thousands of job opportunities (and, yes, you can still be involved in cyber security without being a math whiz).

Nations, terrorists, terrorist nations, the list goes on. Enemies everywhere are beginning to turn to another form of warfare, not with bullets or RPGs, but with bits, bites and the touch of a keyboard. Pipelines, power grids, traffic lights, and anything pertaining to critical infrastructure is exposed. On a personal level, accounts, shopping, finance, bank accounts, and anything YOU have are targets for hacks.



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