Lives Within Technology

As we live in the digital age of iPads and new forms of security in our homes, an average person ends up spending up to 5 hours on a device a day. This long interaction with devices is called “digital mesh.” We might think that we are getting smarter with our “smart” devices, but are they just making us dumber and less efficient?

As we snapchat around the world, we feel a sense of connection between others but this bond isn’t the same as it used to be with face to face interaction. Personally I love learning about new technology and getting the latest gear from watches to smart phones, but I still would want to time travel and see the world for one day without these devices.

Many people feel they are more connected to their iPhones than to their own family. There is not the same real interaction between humans like there used to be and more people tend to have sensitive emotions if their device is lost or stolen compared to other things they should love instead such as a favorite book or animal.

The top trends this year have evolved too often and almost haven’t changed – specifically Apple, where their new updates are acting as if they were getting worse and less efficient. The main problem with technology many of the times is that all these top companies compete against each other for the better device that they tend to be less accessible and just more pretty in their design. The device mesh has moved on from traditional desktop computers and into human’s hands. According to researcher, Gartner he expects there to be a significant development in wearables and augmented reality, especially in virtual reality.

Overall, the next time we pick up our phone to check an email or purchase a plane ticket, reflect back on the time when you didn’t have your device handy and check if you were more efficient in your own life by doing activities you enjoy instead of on a smart device purchasing or swiping at something.


By: Mia Gradelski

Author: miag19bronxvilleschoolorg

Bronxville Student Help desk contributor/writer.

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