Independent Study and World-Class Learning.

Imagine a world where the sum total of human knowledge is available your fingertip. You could learn about anything – drones, DIY nuclear fusion, or Old English poetry. You could take courses at the world’s greatest universities for free.

Now imagine that this is the world you live in. Online, the public now has access to filmed lectures and course materials from the greatest universities on Earth. Programs like MIT OpenCourseWare, Edx, and Coursera provide free access to courses taught at schools from Harvard College to University of Adelaide. Topics range from American poetry to aeronautics.

Best of all, these courses can be taken for credit here at Bronxville through our uniquely flexible independent study program. With a faculty sponsor, you can build your own course: group or individual, pass-fail or letter-graded, online or in class.

Take this year’s “Advanced Programming Group Study.” The curriculum was put together by a group of students wishing to continue college-level computer science after taking AP Computer Science. It is based on MIT’s 6.004x Computational Structures and administered through the Edx online learning platform. Students literally built a computer from the transistors up.

Another student leveraged the program to conduct school-recognized independent research in plasma physics. Others wrote an Italian operas, studied pollution in the Bronx, learned Mandarin. One group even formed a student help desk.

The possibilities are limitless.

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