Amazon, the Holiday Season, and it’s Solution.

As the winter celebrations inch ever so close as the days roll by, our excitement grows along with it.

For some high-rolling companies, such as Amazon, this time of year is of the utmost importance.  The increase in internet traffic, online sales, and overall exposure is critical for the growth of companies around the world.  Because of the sudden increase in all of these important factors, employees are brought in solely for this time of year.   These employees, normally brought in around the beginning of November, are viewed as vital by all of the companies employing them.  The protocol for normal companies would be tedious process, where the new recruits would spend their first days inside of a classroom learning all of the necessary skills.

However, Amazon has a different way of doing things.  In order to maximize efficiency, Amazon has developed a manner in which their new employees are thrown face-first into the work and are expected to learn everything while working.  As explained in the New York Times,

“Amazon’s newest facilities incorporate the most automation, using screens, robots, scanners and other technology to quickly get workers up to speed, according to Mr. Olsen. Amazon trainees get hands-on training as early as their first day on the job, which he said has proven to be a huge advantage in getting them up to speed. On the warehouse floor, they learn how to pack up shipments, coached by a screen that tells them which box size to use and automatically spits out a piece of tape to fit it.”

Applying these techniques, along with above minimum-wage pay, have been the key to success for Amazon.  The inclusion of these workers are great, but what’s really impressive is the amount of workers who stay to work beyond the hectic holiday schedule.  Whatever tactic used by Amazon or any other big corporation is up to them in terms of determining what is most important.  If nothing else, make sure to appreciate all of the work that goes behind the gifts this holiday season.

If you would like to read more about Amazon and it’s new system of teaching employees, click here.

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