Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Not only teachers are switching from chalkboards to Google Classroom which is more efficient, but students are using iPads and other electronic devices which help them improve their attention span and their general interest in learning. Technology ushers in a fundamental structure in changes that can range from achieving significantly higher grades to advancements in student’s productivity.

Technology is becoming popular throughout the globe and is seen almost in every teaching and learning environment. Technology infused classrooms with a different type of positive attitude compared to boards or books. These learning tools such computers and handheld devices “expands course offerings, experiences, and learning materials; supports learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; builds 21st century skills; increases student engagement and motivation; and accelerates learning.” It transforms teaching in a different way because student feel more engaged and participate more by knowing their is a sense of communication at school and at home.

According to statistics at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, this new system benefits student’s minds by being provided resources and systems to help them improve their own instruction and personalize learning. The US Department of Education also states “Online learning opportunities and the use of open educational resources and other technologies can increase educational productivity by accelerating the rate of learning.” Not only in the classroom but at home students have felt less stressed being able to check their assignments online instead of worrying they lost the sheet of paper they copied it from the board.

Overall, technology has greatly impacted both teachers and students minds both in the classroom and at home by feeling connected and less stressed from their academic work.

By: Mia Gradelski

Author: miag19bronxvilleschoolorg

Bronxville Student Help desk contributor/writer.

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