Smartphone Photography

Apple’s new Iphone’s and Google’s new pixel phones, are revolutionizing photography. Within the power of a single touch, a person can take professional looking photographs with just a click of a button. With phones already taking better pictures and access to great apps, many options are available for customization for improved photography.

A big reason why many people are turning to Smartphones for pictures is due to the improved quality and easy ability to use and carry. For now, there is no need for a person to carry a bag with a big camera. One can just carry around a regular phone which is something that most people already do. Secondly, as time has progressed, phones have the ability to take high resolution pictures, can zoom in with decent quality, and are easy to use. One can simply open an app, click the screen to focus, and take a picture.

Looking at the photos taken, one will be marveled at the results. Even apple’s new add for their new phone illustrates the power of such a little devise. As phone technology progresses, the need for cameras may become outdated. And with specialty phone pieces coming out to improve pictures taken, makes it an even greater incentive to  just take a picture with the phone.


Liam Siegal

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