Robotics taking over the classroom

Have you noticed yet how much technology has lately been geared toward education? Well if you haven’t, the digital classroom may soon become a reality as smart boards actually become smart and interactive, robots are being used in the classroom, and many classes are taught online or use online material to teach the course.

One of the biggest improvements to the classroom atmosphere was the  smart board. This technology while rather old has been improved to allow many new features.  Students are  able to share their work on the board through their own device through screen sharing. Secondly, teachers or students can write or interact with the board during lesson plans and the boards can save the work that has been done and even scroll the work up as a person goes down the page. In addition, teachers can now project their work to the class in a much nicer and organized fashion.

Speaking of organized fashion, the digital era has allowed for lessons plans to be stored digitally and easily accessible to teachers and students. Online resources makes it easier for students to learn while helping teachers remain organized especially after teaching for decades.

However, the one sad part is robots. Although they  may have a growing use in the classroom for helping a teacher teach the class, it may soon be used to replace them. Robots have shown that they can effectively teach students materials just like a teacher. This is where  one aspect is missed. A teacher has the ability to connect and touch the students on a personal level and help to motivate them unlike a robot. So as much as the growth of technology is good, one must not forget how important teachers play to the classroom’s atmosphere.


Liam Siegal


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