Major YouTube Changes

There are many websites online that are dedicated to nothing more than pure entertainment, but no website is more supreme than YouTube. Created in 2007, YouTube was a website meant to be a social media outlet, allowing the user to upload videos of themselves for others to view, like, comment, and share with one another. It exploded in a huge way. People would use YouTube as a method of escape from the real world and be entertained the same way as watching TV or a movie, even though the early videos were much shorter than a sitcom episode or trilogy.

YouTube evolved from a social media platform to an entertainment center. Users were able to monetize videos for advertisement and get paid for the content that they created. This was a huge leap for the website to compete with prime time cable stations. Soon, more people watched their favorite creators online rather than flip on the television.

However, YouTube had some major changes in 2016 alone, causing internet drama and mass hysteria among the millions of visitors to the site. There were issues of fair use of content from other sources and monetization rights being revoked from people who have made YouTube a living. Not to mention, they tapped into creators as if they were employees of the company, constantly producing content for them daily in an attempt to compete with other online sources such as Netflix and Hulu. This is extremely unhealthy for creators on YouTube as they spend intense hours trying to mass produce happiness, which is harder than it sounds. It has caused famous YouTubers to sell their channels and think of quitting YouTube to find another career path.

These were the issues from 2016 and some are still not resolved yet. The Fair Use of content is still being debated and there are still some YouTubers who feel the pressure of producing content by themselves that are similar to large prime time networks, who have thousands of employees. We will just have to see where YouTube will be heading this year.


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