2018 Tech the Coming Week at CES

Every new year brings the possibility of breakthrough technologies. Fortunately, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place every year in January to preview what the world has to offer. I anticipate three major fields will be at the forefront of invention: those being artificial intelligence, smart homes, and robots.

Imagine sitting in a doctor’s office sharing symptoms and having tests performed all while being the only human in the room. With the accumulation of data from the tests performed along with the “symptom discussion” a diagnosis is given. Artificial intelligence can do this and much more. One point of AI is to manipulate “big data” so that people can then use that data to drive and improve change. AI is also fascinating as it is one of the foundations for other exciting cutting-edge technologies that we will also expect to see at CES.

Last year at CES, Alexa (Amazon’s voice-activated assistant), took front stage. This year Google is planning on making a greater push announcing many products that will work with Google Home and be synced together; such as lights like Hue and speakers. If you want more specific details on the two base models, Alexa and Home click here Which to Buy: Amazon Echo or Google Home?. Voice interface is a faster way to communicate and seems to be the wave of the future.

While AI and voice activation are exciting in and of themselves: perhaps the most interesting field may be in robotics and robots! With the advancement of AI, our robots are getting smarter. There is a security camera (to be revealed at CES) that features accurate facial recognition.  It learns your face and then will alert you if a stranger enters the camera’s area. Next, there is a motorcycle helmet that offers navigation, a built-in action camera, and music. Also, there is Buddy whom is very similar to Alexa however he has a rotating head and eyes. This little Buddy can move around your house, recognize family members and even help with children by monitoring where and what they re doing along with playing games with them.

There will be many other areas of technology demonstrated at the show including but not limited to: smart cars, big tvs, health products, and much more. I don’t expect anything groundbreaking in these areas, but I’ll have more to say in the following couple weeks…


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