Cameras Are Changing

Since the genesis of cameras, the sole purpose and goal has been to capture whatever is in front of it when asked.  However, with the explosion of artificial intelligence and “machine learning”, cameras are too being re-modeled in a way that will make them smart.

So far, Google has invested in a company called Clips, which uses machine learning to automatically take snapshots of anything it deems “interesting” (people, pets, etc.).  In addition, a company called Lighthouse AI is looking to use this new generation of cameras to create a safer and more reliable security system in their house–much like the iPhone X’s face recognition.

Of course, although this new technology is exciting to think about, it is also important to see the dangers that come with such powerful technology, especially since we are always carrying around portable cameras.  Lucky for us, though, companies are aware of the dangers and are proceeding very cautiously with an emphasis on security and user protection.

Clips, Google’s work-in-progress, uses AI to regulate when and what to take pictures of.  It’s pictures aren’t still, either, but rather a short 15-second bursts (much like an animated GIF or live photo on the iPhone).  If you would like to see some examples of when it was able to capture moments, click here and scroll down.  The benefit to this is the reality of having moments captured without effort and being able to capture emotions and small moments that are hard to capture when trying to take a picture.

The future is coming, and cameras are learning as we do.  Soon, they’ll be able to understand our world like we do and allow us to re-live all our favorite memories.


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