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    You might be thinking that all this new buzz about the crazy new technology that tech giants such as Apple and Samsung that they are creating is fascinating and need to be examined immediately, well rethink that excitement. Stated in bold inside this article, “Apple’s wireless AirPods charger is coming in September and the iPhone X almost didn’t have a charging port at all” explains that Apple is not only late on its due dates and is releasing something that doesn’t seem appealing to most tech geeks. As we continue into the article, there are more accusations of why the iPhone’s new news about their devices are becoming less popular. The narrator constantly states that “The sources on his rumor ar anonymous and seem flimsy. It’s unlikely, but it’s not totally impossible.” It is fun to hypothesize about the future, but the reality is that what we are expecting, is not coming anytime soon.

    What really surprised me about all this buzz about Apple and Samsung was the release of the Palm smartphones. Until this article, I’ve never heard of them. They are a smart device game like a Treo smartphone, for those born after the 2000’s. All of this news is seemingly disappointing for the tech world and as future dates are being postponed, this is a trigger for less bright ideas for these companies.

     What can be even more upsetting is the release of Samsung folding smartphone which was stated to be released last year but now is changed to early 2019. Under Gutcheck in the article, the author states, “Looks like Samsung is working on stealing some of the thunder from the upcoming iPhone x and Google Pixel 3.” All of these exciting events seem to be a bigger disappointment to the tech world than we expected.

      As we continue to await for Spotify’s new hardware for listening to music and Apple’s new foldable iPhone, we forget to stop and think about the real truth behind this “fake news” and question why technology these days are getting older and the same.

Written by Mia Gradelski


Author: miag19bronxvilleschoolorg

Bronxville Student Help desk contributor/writer.

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