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Nicolas Baror
Nicolas Baror – Sophomore

Hi! My name is Nicolas Baror and I am a Sophomore at Bronxville. Since I was little, I liked to work with technology and used it a lot in my daily life. Because of my past experiences as a kid, I know a lot about technology and I enjoy helping people by using my past experiences. I enjoy working in Theater Tech, like lighting and sound. I also like to work with computer hardware, as I built my own computer over the last year. I look forward to helping out teachers and students with their tech problems this year and hope to be a critical part of the Student Help Desk team.


Hannah Beldotti – Senior

Hey! My name is Hannah Beldotti and I am currently a Senior at Bronxville High School. With technology being a prominent interest of mine, I decided to join student help desk two years ago. My mom is a computer engineer, so, I have also been influenced by her profession and interests as well. Whether it was sitting on the kitchen floor drawing diagrams of how a server works, or learning how to solve simple computer problems, the whole idea of technology constantly developing fascinates me. I am excited to be a part of student help desk and work with the other members of the team again this year!


Ty C
Ty Chermsirivatana – Freshman

Hi, My name is Ty Chermsirivatana, I am a freshman at Bronxville High School. I loved computers from a very young age and I have had a strong passion for learning and research how computers work. A few years back, I was trying to play a video game and it was glitching out and when I told my dad about it, he told me the story of how if you fish for a person, you feed him for a day, if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for life. This was one of my very first life lessons and that you can’t depend on someone for the rest of your life and that you need to solve it yourself. He would always give me a problem or something to accomplish and over the years, I developed and strong and lasting bond with both my dad and my sense of researching and I was ecstatic to find out that I was going to a part of SHD and from then on, I pursued projects in coding and building video games,helping people out with their projects or computers on the internet. I hope that I can make a lasting impact on SHD these upcoming years.

Michelle Coppola – Senior

My name is Michelle Coppola and I am currently a Senior at Bronxville High School. One of the reasons I wanted to join student help desk is to be able to help others with problems or concerns that they may have with technology. As well as being able to expand my knowledge regarding computers, video editing and work in the auditorium such as sound and lighting. Some of my interests include filmmaking, editing and magic. I always try to do crew for school plays and musicals, whether it be working backstage, helping to move props around or sitting in the booth running the light board.


Mia Gradelski – Senior

Hi. I am Mia Gradelski, a Senior. I’ve been attending Bronxville School since Kindergarten and Student Help Desk throughout High School. Since I was younger, I’ve always had a passion in working in technology and helping my community with their tech problems. Whether it’s finding an internet source for a friend’s laptop or fixing a broken screen on an Iphone, tech is one of my favorite hobbies to explore and help around with. I’m always up to date with the latest gadget and in the future hope to pursue a career in this vastly growing field. As a part of the help desk, I know that these skills will be vital in helping me advance my career. I believe that helping my community and classmates will lead others to become more engaged with the expansion of tech and lead to a more interactive, easier, and smart school year!

Conner Huang
Conner Huang – Freshman

My name is Conner Huang and I am a Freshman at Bronxville High School. I currently manage the Bronxville Historical Conservancy website and run my own website called Connerverse where I post articles about robots, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. When I was younger, I started a small business called Bronxville Bricks, built a website for it and was featured in Westchester Magazine. I also have some experience with Java, HTML and 3d printing using Blender. I joined Student Help Desk because it will provide me with many opportunities to work with new technologies and gain experience with troubleshooting. I look forward to helping teachers with their technology needs, meeting new people and tackling any tech-related challenges that I face.

Delaney O'Brien
Delaney O’Brien – Junior

HI! My name is Delaney O’Brien, and I am a Junior at Bronxville High School. It’s my first year participating with student help desk, and I’m very excited. Ever since I was little, I have been mesmerized about how today’s technology works.  During my first year of high school, I learned how to build websites in Mr.Ashley’s web design class. In 2017, I used my web design skills to develop a site for my National History Day Projected, and it placed second at Regionals. During Sophomore years, I taught myself how to create and edit videos on iMovie. Since then, I have filmed many videos for school, video contests, music, and  just for fun!


Misha Pustovit
Misha Pustovit – Sophomore

Hello! My name is Misha Pustovit and I’m a Sophomore at the Bronxville High School. Like many people, I am a daily user of technology – but I am also interested in the inner workings of software and operating systems. Although I’m not any kind of expert on computer hardware or coding, I often take the time to explore the functions and inner workings of any software or system that I am using. My largest technology-related project has been assisting in the development of an Android game called Spaceflight Simulator, for which I helped design game mechanics and parts in order to balance the gameplay. I joined the Student Help Desk because I feel that I can be helpful to many people who are not as accustomed to the ever-expanding world of technology.

Nicole Semenyuk – Junior

Hello, my name is Nicole Semenyuk and I am a senior at the Bronxville High School.  Ever since I was a kid, technology–particularly the gaming aspect–was an interest of mine. I’ve always enjoyed different forms of games, immersing myself in their story; wanting to understand the code behind the game is what urged me to join the Help Desk my sophomore year. The Help Desk not only has me help teachers with their technology problems, but also encourages me to explore my passions in technology, leading me to not only learn coding languages but also take a stab at making my own video game. I’ve also taken the teaching aspect to heart, hosting bi-yearly coding activities for the elementary school with the school’s Coding Club, which was created by a few friends and myself. I look forward to once again working with the Help Desk this year and all the opportunities it will provide me.

I am Wyatt Spiegel and I am a Sophomore at Bronxville high school. I love to work with and explore technology. I love doing student help desk because I get to work with technology and help people in the process. It’s amazing to help teachers with issues they’re having and see their gratitude once I fix it.

Independent Study Students –

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Artemas Radik – Sophomore

Hey! My name’s Artemas Radik and I’m a Sophomore here at Bronxville. I’ve always enjoyed working with technology and it’s always come natural to me. When I heard about student help desk, I came with open arms to the wonderful opportunity. This year I am taking AP CS A and I plan to take my computer science career further in the years to come. I’ve built multiple computers and I currently mine a cryptocurrency called Ethereum, which allows me to receive returns on my hardware investments. I hope I will be able to apply my knowledge to the student help desk this year and help out with completing tickets as well as assisting other Bronxville school departments with their technological needs.


Lainey Neild
Lainey Neild – Sophomore

Hi, my name is Lainey Neild and I am currently a sophomore in Bronxville High School. This is my second year doing Student Help Desk. I joined because I am drawn to the idea of technology. The fact that the limits of technology are almost nonexistent interests me because there is so much I can learn. I am taking AP CS A (with Java) currently and I am amazed by the possibilities. I feel that I could come up with a fun and helpful tool in assisting others. I also would like to help others struggling with technology as it is becoming such an important part of everyday life. I am excited to begin this year and hope I can help the team.


Maddie Hanley – Junior

Hi, my name is Maddie Hanley. I’ve been at Bronxville since kindergarten and I’m currently a Senior. This is my third year on student help desk. I joined because I have a passion for doing lights in the new auditorium, whether it be designing an entire show or just turning them on for a school concert. After my first year I have also become more interested in fixing technology problems teachers may have. I find it interesting because sometimes the solution isn’t always obvious at first and it can be a little challenging. I am also vice president of the programming club and I enjoy helping to organize fun and educational coding activities for elementary students. 


Rayne Wiser
Rayne Wiser – Sophomore

Hey! My name is Rayne Wiser and I am a sophomore at the Bronxville School. I have always liked computers. In fact, a year or two ago I built my desktop computer (mostly for gaming). I spend most of my time tinkering and trying to boost the power of this beast. This year I am focusing on my mathematics and science opportunities. I am currently taking AP Computer Science A. Joining the student help desk was part of my interest in working towards this goal. I currently am working on a project in Virtual Reality. I am really looking forward to working with our local IT department and being a part of the school community.

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