About Us

Andrew Cargill – Junior

Ahoy, my name’s Andrew Cargill and i’m a junior here at Bronxville.  Ever since I was a little kid, technology has always been something i’ve been drawn to.  The futuristic aspect, the ability to mend and access the world’s information in the matter of seconds has always left me speechless.  Because of this, i’ve always tried to find ways to pursue my love for technology.  I decided to join the student help desk in hopes to be able to learn and apply my knowledge when needed.  After having taken Mr. Ashley’s introduction to computer science class last year, I knew this was a topic I would love to explore further in the future.  I hope I can be an integral part of the team and look forward to the rest of the year.  


Caroline Paulson – Senior

Hey there, my name is Caroline Paulson. I’m a senior at the Bronxville High school and I have been a member of Student Help Desk for two years and I am apart of the original five students who pioneered the Student Help Desk. When I first was introduced to the Student Help Desk I figured I would give it a try without really having any idea what I was getting into. Now with my second year in the Student Help Desk, I’m pretty experienced in the works of answering tickets and other things, but I’m sure I have much more to learn.




Charles Vorbach – Senior

Hi, my name is Charlie Vorbach. I am a senior at Bronxville who loves mathematics, computer programing, and experimental physics. 

I have some experience in writing in C, C++, and Java as well in Python scripting, web design, network management, and Linux administration. I really enjoy programing because you can build creative and useful projects from the comfort of your laptop. I am always amazed when a simple script can leverage large public interfaces to produce otherwise impossible results.   

I would like to improve my ability and knowledge of managing networked systems, writing “duct tape” scripts, and creating technological solutions to real problems. As, if not more importantly, I want to use my skills to improve the Bronxville community and communicate the technology difficulties of students and faculty to the technological professionals capable of providing solutions.

Thank you for including me in this study. I am excited to work with everyone here.


David DiMolfetta – Senior

Hi there, my name is David DiMolfetta. I am a senior as well as a returning first year Help Desk member. I have an innate interest in all things pertaining to technology, but am especially focused on information security and assurance. I am currently working through an independent study which coincides with real world cyber security issues, whether it’d be information fraud or global terror networks. The course addresses both the technical and political side of the field, and I hope to gain a nice foundation in the discipline to help me start more advanced security studies as a college undergraduate.

My programming experience contains experience with Java, Python, the littlest bit of HTML, and, surprisingly, TI-Basic, the language used to program Texas Instrument calculators. Most of my ‘programming’, however, is on the business side of things, as I tend to do the project management portions of the work done in tech related projects I engage in.

On the topic of school, I have huge interests in history, physics, economics, and technology related topics. I help to run Programming Club (where most of the project management takes place), Astronomy Club, Film Club, Human Rights Coalition, and I also anchor and edit Bronco TV newscasts alongside Help Desk members Liam Siegal and Will Cioffi.

Thank you for reading! I am looking forward to a wonderful, technology-filled final year in Bronxville!


Hannah Beldotti – Sophomore

Hey! My name is Hannah Beldotti and I am currently a sophomore at Bronxville High School. With technology being a prominent interest of mine, I decided to join Student Help Desk this year. My mom is a computer engineer, so, I have also been influenced by her and her interests as well. Whether it was sitting on the kitchen floor and drawing diagrams of how a server works, or learning how to solve simple computer problems; the whole idea of it constantly developing and becoming more high-tech fascinates me. I am also taking web design this year in hopes to learn more about programming. I am so excited to be a part of help desk and work with the other students on the team!



Kenny Taylor – Junior

Hi. I am Kenny Taylor, a Junior. I am looking forward to another year as part of the helpdesk. IT is a fun experience, and comes easily to me, having helped family members and friends when “the internet isn’t working.” I am interested in other aspects of technology, including co-running a programming club, and being blamed for a recent physics assignment involving programming on a ti-84 calculator (post-traumatic syntax disorders aside, at least one person learned something). I took AP Computer Science last year, and plan on continuing my studies in college along the same thread.



Liam Siegal – Senior

My name is Liam Siegal. I am a Senior in Bronxville High School and this is my first year with Student Help Desk. My interests  range from being a runner to actively being involved with my community. I participate in numerous clubs like Social Issues Awareness and Human Rights Coalition which help to bring awareness to social issues. In addition, I volunteer my time with the One Love Foundation where I work with their social media team. Another interest of mine is filmmaking. I am part of the school’s new station where I am the lead anchor and main editor. On the side I also maintain a blog and have begun to learn how to code.



Maddie Hanley – Sophomore

Hi my name is Maddie Hanley. I’ve been at Bronxville since kindergarten and I’m currently a sophomore. This is my first year doing help desk. I joined because I have a passion for doing lights in the new auditorium, whether it be designing an entire show or just turning them on for a school concert. I also joined to learn more about fixing computer problems because those skills can be very useful in everyday life. In addition to theatre tech, my other hobbies include snowboarding, playing clarinet, and watching Netflix.




Mia Gradelski – Sophomore

As part of student help desk I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mia Gradelski and I’ve been attending Bronxville School since Kindergarten. I’m currently a sophomore in high school and I’ve always had an interest in technology. I signed up for this course to be more involved with the community as a school by helping my fellow classmates and teachers with any sort of technological issues they have. I love figuring out new ideas and testing innovative techniques on the computer. I’m always learning new skills every day since technology is such a wide range of study and is evolving everyday. I hope to pursue my passion of using technology and learning from these opportunities by applying them in the workforce later in life. I believe that helping the school with any problems they have can lead to a faster and better school year!


Michelle Coppola – Sophomore

My name is Michelle Coppola and I am currently a sophomore at Bronxville High School. One of the reasons I wanted to join student help desk is to be able to help others with problems or concerns that they may have with technology. As well as being able to expand my knowledge regarding computers, video editing and work in the auditorium such as sound and lighting. Some of my interests include filmmaking, editing and magic. I always try to do crew for school plays and musicals, whether it be working backstage, helping to move props around or sitting in the booth running the light board.



Nicole Semenyuk – Sophomore

Hello, my name is Nicole Semenyuk and I am a sophomore at the Bronxville High School. The Help Desk is a fairly new system which started last year and I am quite excited to be a part of it. During my freshmen year, I started coding which is what ultimately lead to my involvement in the Help Desk. Other than coding my hobbies would include reading, creative writing, and rowing. I have always been interested in technology and am hoping to improve on the coding languages I know as well as those I have yet to learn. I am also looking forward to helping the teachers and students in my school this year while working with the other participants in the help desk.



Remi Laurence – Senior

Hi, I’m Remi Laurence, a senior at BXV High School and a second year help desk member. I love skiing, tennis, and basketball though I do try to run from time to time to stay in shape. I enjoy going out with friends in my freetime and play music on the guitar and violin. I also love the outdoors so I sometimes just bike around to get some fresh air and clear my mind. Last year, help desk was an amazing experience so that is why I want to join again this year!




William Cioffi – Senior

My name is Will Cioffi and I am a senior at Bronxville. I am one of the original five members of Student Help Desk, and I am excited for another year of innovation, service, and fun. My hobbies include squash, piano, computer troubleshooting, film making, and exploring the world around me.






YiFei Wu – Junior

Hello! My name is YiFei Wu, I am a Junior in Bronxville High school. The reason why I want to participate in the Student Help desk is because I am really interested in technology and help teachers or students in classroom with some tech issues. This is my first year in the Student Help Desk, hope I can learn as much as I can. That’s the purpose for being a part of the student help desk.