International Cyber Attack Caused By Leaked NSA Report

Over the past few years, malicious software – which blocks access to computers – has been spreading at an alarming rate, targeting hospitals, telecommunications, and corporate offices worldwide. These attacks began when information of a software vulnerability originally discovered by the National Security Agency (NSA) was stolen and leaked by a criminal group known as Shadow Brokers.

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MIT Presents A New Report For Improving The Nation’s Cyber-Security

[April 2017] “In a world where hackers can sabotage power plants and impact elections, there has never been a more crucial time to examine cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, most of which is privately owned.” According to experts from MIT, presidents in the past 25 years have never truly paid attention to the topic, a method which should be altered due to the increase in our efficiency with technology.

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China’s New Cybersecurity Law

On June 3, China announced its new Cybersecurity Laws (CSL) meant to maintain the internet within China’s borders, however much of the law remains unclear. As of now, only ambiguous reports have been made by officials which don’t provide both Chinese businesses and foreign nations any information on these new cybersecurity laws. Continue reading “China’s New Cybersecurity Law”

DDoS Attack this Morning on East Coast

ddos-attack-on-dns-major-websites-including-github-twitter-suffering-outage-2A large scale denial of service attack (aka a “DDoS”) has most likely affected your browsing on your favorite websites today. Such sites, such as Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, Paypal, or even Reddit, have been attacked. A DDoS attack, according to USA Today, is when “someone, or a group of people, floods a particular site or service with large amounts of fake traffic in an attempt to overwhelm the system and take it offline.”

The issues have been addressed, and mostly pertained to the East Coast. All should be back online now. For more information click here.  Have a wonderful weekend!


By David DiMolfetta