Robotics taking over the classroom

Have you noticed yet how much technology has lately been geared toward education? Well if you haven’t, the digital classroom may soon become a reality as smart boards actually become smart and interactive, robots are being used in the classroom, and many classes are taught online or use online material to teach the course.

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Information – Stuff you should know.



Information is the raw material powering our modern digital world. We think and talk about it frequently, whether in reference to information technology, ‘big data’ analytics, or just complaining about our smartphone’s monthly data limit. Few of us, however, really understand what information is or how we could measure it. Or come to it, charge money for an ‘amount’ of information. This post attempts to explain a little bit of the¬†mathematical reasoning behind information theory and how that reasoning is used to design digital information systems. Continue reading “Information – Stuff you should know.”