Robotics taking over the classroom

Have you noticed yet how much technology has lately been geared toward education? Well if you haven’t, the digital classroom may soon become a reality as smart boards actually become smart and interactive, robots are being used in the classroom, and many classes are taught online or use online material to teach the course.

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Smartphone Photography

Apple’s new Iphone’s and Google’s new pixel phones, are revolutionizing photography. Within the power of a single touch, a person can take professional looking photographs with just a click of a button. With phones already taking better pictures and access to great apps, many options are available for customization for improved photography.

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How Safe is Our Data?

Now a days, most of our data, personal information, and history has some form of trail that has been left on the internet. This trail can leave information exposed to unwanted visitors to venture into our data networks. As the internet grows, so does the danger of being hacked.

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