Information – Stuff you should know.



Information is the raw material powering our modern digital world. We think and talk about it frequently, whether in reference to information technology, ‘big data’ analytics, or just complaining about our smartphone’s monthly data limit. Few of us, however, really understand what information is or how we could measure it. Or come to it, charge money for an ‘amount’ of information. This post attempts to explain a little bit of the mathematical reasoning behind information theory and how that reasoning is used to design digital information systems. Continue reading “Information – Stuff you should know.”


New Study Allows Secure Data To Be Sent Through Body Instead of Wifi


Researchers have developed a new system that allows secure information, such as passwords, to be sent through a person’s body rather than “easy to hack” Wifi or Bluetooth signal.

“Computer scientist and electrical engineers have found a way to broadcast signals from a fingerprint scanner or touchpad through the body to a receiving device that is also in contact with the user.” This systems allows for a secure means of transporting information that does not require a password.

Continue reading “New Study Allows Secure Data To Be Sent Through Body Instead of Wifi”

Messaging’s never-ending expansion

alloIn late September of 2016, Google officially unveiled its latest product to add to their arsenal.  It’s their messaging app entitled “Allo”.

To separate themselves from the rest of the pack, Google infused artificial intelligence into Allo to chat and make plans.  When combined with the never-ending list of products from Google (Google Hangouts, docs, slides, sites, classroom, etc), it is intriguing to think about the possibilities when combining all of these applications together.  However, that might not be as simple as it seems.  When compared to the iMessage capabilities of Apple, WhatsApp’s solidness from Facebook, and Facebook’s main messaging app, Messenger, where exactly does Allo stand?

Google announced the app in May of this year, aiming to further their use of artificial intelligence.   Continue reading “Messaging’s never-ending expansion”

Drones Taking Over? are currently becoming a big topic for innovators, for the idea of unmanned aircrafts  provide limitless opportunities within the upcoming years. Possibilities which can range from transportation devices, police surveillance, recreational use, construction purposes, military operations and even for movies.  The list doesn’t end. In addition, to the many uses that drones can provide, the FAA which regulates all airspace objects has created new legislation which will help promote the use of these drones.

Companies like Alphabet (Google’s Parent) has gotten White House approval to begin testing a fleet of drones called Project Wings that may use drones as transportation devices. Continue reading “Drones Taking Over?”

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