Robots Are Now The Workforce

In a recent article written by Brian Heater, he goes into detail about the recent improvements and employment of robots in factories around the country.

Although this is only the beginning, the engineers at Esko Bionics have developed usable exoskeletons that are more than capable of performing repetitive and useful tasks in many areas (such as on the battlefield and in factories).

Although the technology is not quite mainstream yet, it is continually improving and is too becoming less expensive as the materials become more readily available; this, in practice, means that our future will most likely be filled with robots taking over our laborious and dangerous jobs, leaving many unemployed.

However, on the other side, this means that there is a great market and need for more engineers and robotic enthusiasts in order to ensure that our future is safe and reliable.

It will be very interesting to see how these companies integrate robots and how they help shape our future.


International Cyber Attack Caused By Leaked NSA Report

Over the past few years, malicious software – which blocks access to computers – has been spreading at an alarming rate, targeting hospitals, telecommunications, and corporate offices worldwide. These attacks began when information of a software vulnerability originally discovered by the National Security Agency (NSA) was stolen and leaked by a criminal group known as Shadow Brokers.

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Cryptocurrency Mining on Work Computers

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Various Cryptocurrencies

Most Americans Office computers are known to be particularly slow and unreliable which you would think would push people away from downloading Cryptocurrency mining software on them. But that doesn’t stop a lot of people from doing it anyway. Within the past couple months Microsoft has detected a lot of mining software on enterprises computers. Although this might make your computer much slower and more unreliable Microsoft has not detected any damage or viruses found from downloading and using these softwares, so there really seems to be no downsides. Microsoft first detected around 200 computers running these softwares but recently they have detected over 1,800 computers running the cryptocurrency mining software. Now you might have an explanation why your work computer is running so slowly, maybe it’s mining cryptocurrency, most likely not.

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Should You Change Your Twitter Password?

On Friday, Twitter released a statement “[revealing] that it made a monumental security blunder by exposing the passwords of users in plain text.” It is not yet clear how many users were affected or how the error occurred but nonetheless, changing your password won’t hurt.

In addition to creating a new password, it is also a good idea to enable the two-factor identification feature. Once enabled, Twitter will send a verification code whenever a new device is attempting to access your account. Two-factor identification also allows you to use a third-party app to generate a password for you.

Lastly, it is a good idea to get a backup-code for your Twitter account in the event you lose your device. All of these features can be accessed by clicking on your profile image and then settings and privacy—which will lead you to a screen where changing your password and security features is a breeze.

Hey Siri, who’s Cortana?

Whether you like it or not, the ghost of Steve Jobs is always listening. The latest iOS updates allows you to ask Siri a question just by saying “Hey Siri” instead of having to press the home button. This improvement, along with improving Siri’s overall intelligence, makes the iPhone superior to its competitors. While most iPhone users do know a little bit about the technology of an Android phone, one of the least talked about differences is the voice assistants.

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