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    You might be thinking that all this new buzz about the crazy new technology that tech giants such as Apple and Samsung that they are creating is fascinating and need to be examined immediately, well rethink that excitement. Stated in bold inside this article, “Apple’s wireless AirPods charger is coming in September and the iPhone X almost didn’t have a charging port at all” explains that Apple is not only late on its due dates and is releasing something that doesn’t seem appealing to most tech geeks. As we continue into the article, there are more accusations of why the iPhone’s new news about their devices are becoming less popular. The narrator constantly states that “The sources on his rumor ar anonymous and seem flimsy. It’s unlikely, but it’s not totally impossible.” It is fun to hypothesize about the future, but the reality is that what we are expecting, is not coming anytime soon. Continue reading “Catch up on all the technology gossip without all the hype.”


Apple’s “Do Not Disturb” While Driving Could be a Huge Success to Drivers around the World

A screenshot of “Settings” and the “Do Not Disturb” feature from Apple Support Site

92% of drivers use their phone behind the wheel according to a recent study. 88 seconds of an average 21 minute journey is spent on a cell phone. In 2017 Apple introduced this new feature as part of IOS 11 which allowed your phone to be in Do Not Disturb mode while you are driving. When your phone is connected to your cars entertainment system via bluetooth or usb then the phone can detect when you are in the car and enable this mode. This is obviously a large step in the right direction and could drastically change the amount of injuries and deaths in car accidents every year in a good way. Apple did a great job implementing this into their new update and hopefully more features like this can be added later on in the year.

For more information, check out this article.

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