BXV Elementary School Coding Workshops

Last Thursday, the BVX Girls Coding Club organized an afterschool activity for second to fifth graders with the hope of creating more interest in STEM subjects, particularly with girls. With seven types of workshops, the elementary schoolers were encouraged to combine both programming and engineering concepts in their workshops. For example, the LittleBits station, which simulated a circuit formed of electronic building blocks, or the Makey-Makey station, which encouraged creativity by connecting common objects to computer programs. Younger students worked with Cubetto and Dash & Dot, two robots that demonstrate how computers (in this case the robots) took commands that were written into a program (which the students accomplished through basic block based coding). Exposure to such activities left the students excited to learn more, both on their own and in their technology classes. Continue reading “BXV Elementary School Coding Workshops”


International Cyber Attack Caused By Leaked NSA Report

Over the past few years, malicious software – which blocks access to computers – has been spreading at an alarming rate, targeting hospitals, telecommunications, and corporate offices worldwide. These attacks began when information of a software vulnerability originally discovered by the National Security Agency (NSA) was stolen and leaked by a criminal group known as Shadow Brokers.

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Amazon Plans to Deliver Packages Right To Your Car

Following last years news, where Amazon asked for permission to leave packages inside your home, they are now asking for access to your car. Amazon plans on using the “connected technologies embedded in many modern vehicles.” This means that instead of using smart locks or a cloud-connected camera to gain access, the Amazon Key app will be operated. The service will be connected to either General Motors or Volvo,  two automobile companies who have agreed to participate in Amazon’s plans. Once given your car’s GPS location, license plate, and image the information is encrypted, making sure Amazon never has access “to the customer’s connected car login details.” It is sent only if multiple factors line up—the deliveries time, person, car, and place. The option to block car deliveries was also made possible in case a home delivery became more suitable.

The six-month trial Amazon conducted with the new service has received positive results, one woman claiming she liked the deliveries “because it meant her toddlers could nap without being disturbed by the doorbell. Another woman used it to have a few birthday presents delivered to the trunk of her car so as not to tip off her daughter.” With the apparent success of the new service, one question remains: Will you take Amazon up on their offer?

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Alexa’s Creepy Laugh And What It Means

As you may have heard by now — especially after the rapid Twitter movement — many owners of Amazon’s Alexa had reported hearing a mysterious and unprompted laugh from their digital assistant. Her distorted laugh left many owners paranoid, quickly unplugging the device and becoming suspicious of the continuous monitoring.  Continue reading “Alexa’s Creepy Laugh And What It Means”

MIT Presents A New Report For Improving The Nation’s Cyber-Security

[April 2017] “In a world where hackers can sabotage power plants and impact elections, there has never been a more crucial time to examine cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, most of which is privately owned.” According to experts from MIT, presidents in the past 25 years have never truly paid attention to the topic, a method which should be altered due to the increase in our efficiency with technology.

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